Friday, August 31, 2012

Praise and prayer August 2012

TAMMY’S PRAISE AND PRAYER AUGUST 2012 HOME IN THE STATES WITH MY FAMILY. PRAISE 1)PRAISE that my travels to the US were good (45 hours long, but good flights for the most part). 2)PRAISE to be able to spend my vacation for this year with my family in Oregon. It’s been such a blessing to be able to love on my grand daughter Riley!! 3)PRAISE that I was able to spend time with my Sunday church class (Mainstream) at camp the 1st week-end I was here and for all the care I received joining many for meals and relaxation. (*_*) 4)PRAISE that I will be attending the ANAMED (Natural Medicine in the tropics) course in Malawi next week. I should be able to gain much more understanding and ideas from this program. This is what I have been teaching the committee of 12 in the villages and they want to learn more. I was able to attend my son Rob’s wedding (pictured below with his wife Caitlin) this past week and also spend time with my daughter, her husband and my grand daughter (pictured below) while here.
LAST YEARS Costs to send a Secondary student to school for the year was about $300 USD. This amount included School fees, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books and hygiene supplies. Please consider helping these kids change the course of their families lives! We had up to 46% inflation on some things and in the 20’s on others. We also had devaluation of the kwacha (Malawian money) and it gave strength to our USD. Old was k145 to $1 and new k278 to $1. PRAYER 1)Please PRAY for my parting once again from my family. This is always a difficult time, especially with my grand daughter Riley. 2)Please PRAY for safe travels back to Malawi and my time at the ANAMED course. That I would be alert and adjust back to the time change of 9 hours ahead quickly. 3)PRAY that my landlord issues will be resolved soon. He has been yelling at and harassing my day worker. 4)Please PRAY that I would have a good response to supporting the secondary school students that did well in their studies last year. That we would have supporters to send them again this year. This is the only way these kids can continue their education. School starts again in a few weeks. Due to the high inflation this past year and the kwacha devaluation, I will need to refigure all the costs and fees that will now be needed to send each student. I will do this when I return to Malawi this week before my Natural medicine course and put it in my newsletter. Time is short for school planning. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND ENCOURAGEMENTS! Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in Malawi as I work on Community Health and Development projects, please send your tax deductible donation to... EQUIP INC. P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752 *(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo)* **You can also donate on-line** @ click "donations" then “network for good” CURRENT PROJECTS: Please see my last Newsletter for more details (I will be sending a new Newsletter soon). 1) "School Education projects" (Secondary students scholarships and Primary after school program supplies). 2) "Water Well project". I’m Hoping to supply at least one well in the most needy of the six villages I serve (though they all need more access to a water source). 3) "General Support", where I receive funds for my living expenses and draw reimbursement for supplies and ministry needs. 4) "Corn Maize fund" for workers and helpers in time of the shortage we will have this year due to drought. ~Tammy Tice~ P.O. Box 72 Liwonde, Malawi S.E. Africa This is my personal post office box if you want to send a note or package. 011-265-99-374-0812 or 011-265-88-176-7938 If you ever want to text me words of encouragement or call. (*_*) **P.S. Please remember to reply to me at**

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