Friday, August 31, 2012

Praise and prayer August 2012

TAMMY’S PRAISE AND PRAYER AUGUST 2012 HOME IN THE STATES WITH MY FAMILY. PRAISE 1)PRAISE that my travels to the US were good (45 hours long, but good flights for the most part). 2)PRAISE to be able to spend my vacation for this year with my family in Oregon. It’s been such a blessing to be able to love on my grand daughter Riley!! 3)PRAISE that I was able to spend time with my Sunday church class (Mainstream) at camp the 1st week-end I was here and for all the care I received joining many for meals and relaxation. (*_*) 4)PRAISE that I will be attending the ANAMED (Natural Medicine in the tropics) course in Malawi next week. I should be able to gain much more understanding and ideas from this program. This is what I have been teaching the committee of 12 in the villages and they want to learn more. I was able to attend my son Rob’s wedding (pictured below with his wife Caitlin) this past week and also spend time with my daughter, her husband and my grand daughter (pictured below) while here.
LAST YEARS Costs to send a Secondary student to school for the year was about $300 USD. This amount included School fees, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books and hygiene supplies. Please consider helping these kids change the course of their families lives! We had up to 46% inflation on some things and in the 20’s on others. We also had devaluation of the kwacha (Malawian money) and it gave strength to our USD. Old was k145 to $1 and new k278 to $1. PRAYER 1)Please PRAY for my parting once again from my family. This is always a difficult time, especially with my grand daughter Riley. 2)Please PRAY for safe travels back to Malawi and my time at the ANAMED course. That I would be alert and adjust back to the time change of 9 hours ahead quickly. 3)PRAY that my landlord issues will be resolved soon. He has been yelling at and harassing my day worker. 4)Please PRAY that I would have a good response to supporting the secondary school students that did well in their studies last year. That we would have supporters to send them again this year. This is the only way these kids can continue their education. School starts again in a few weeks. Due to the high inflation this past year and the kwacha devaluation, I will need to refigure all the costs and fees that will now be needed to send each student. I will do this when I return to Malawi this week before my Natural medicine course and put it in my newsletter. Time is short for school planning. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND ENCOURAGEMENTS! Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in Malawi as I work on Community Health and Development projects, please send your tax deductible donation to... EQUIP INC. P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752 *(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo)* **You can also donate on-line** @ click "donations" then “network for good” CURRENT PROJECTS: Please see my last Newsletter for more details (I will be sending a new Newsletter soon). 1) "School Education projects" (Secondary students scholarships and Primary after school program supplies). 2) "Water Well project". I’m Hoping to supply at least one well in the most needy of the six villages I serve (though they all need more access to a water source). 3) "General Support", where I receive funds for my living expenses and draw reimbursement for supplies and ministry needs. 4) "Corn Maize fund" for workers and helpers in time of the shortage we will have this year due to drought. ~Tammy Tice~ P.O. Box 72 Liwonde, Malawi S.E. Africa This is my personal post office box if you want to send a note or package. 011-265-99-374-0812 or 011-265-88-176-7938 If you ever want to text me words of encouragement or call. (*_*) **P.S. Please remember to reply to me at**

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back in Malawi 2012

I finally made it back "home" to Liwonde.

My apologies for such a late P & P this month...
I was in the big city working through my VISA, auto repairs
as well as looking for fuel to get home. (*_*)

I have many Praises and Prayer requests


1) PRAISE, that I had some really good meetings with many friends and supporters the last couple months and some good quality time with my family before I left . The precious time I had with my grand daughter Riley will not be forgotten. She is such a beautiful blessing! ❤
I was blessed with some time with Dr Val in the Red house at Good Shepherd for a few weeks and the snowmen was her idea...but we both enjoyed creating them with what we had!
What else would two African Missionaries do in the snow? (*_*)
I was also able to get away for a few days at the Oregon coast, a couple days alone and a few days with the ladies from GSCC at the Women's Retreat....what a treat it was! Some alone time with God and then some amazing time in worship and fellowship was just what was needed before heading back to Malawi. ☺

2) PRAISE, that I made it back to Malawi healthy...and finally to my home in Liwonde.
I made it to the Johannesburg South Africa Airport with only one suitcase broken into. They sawed the lock and zipper tabs right off. They did tear through my suitcase and stole some valuables that I had no space left to squeeze in my carry ons (I had many electronics to carry on). But the other suitcase was untouched and just beaten up.

When I left through the same airport after my multi day layover till the next flight to Malawi, I wrapped my suitcases with cellophane wrap (provided at airport for a fee) to help detour more pilfering.
At check in, they allowed me extra weight in my suitcases and didn't hassle me about my carry on bag weights (as they have in past). This was a BIG relief and major they are generally sticklers to max weight. All suitcases made it through to all locations on my way. BIG Praise! THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

3) PRAISE, that my car is now in pretty good working order and road worthy.
I was gifted 4 tires (value about $1071) by a friends NGO (non government organization) she was working with here in Malawi (BIG BLESSING!). She had borrowed my car while I was away and they didn't want her or me to drive on bald tires. Unfortunately, the roads here beat up my the point of breaking the suspension and wearing out the brakes. So costs a lot to repair a car with a "real" mechanic and to find "real" parts. My mechanic had already had my car there for a couple of days and charged me for the other services rendered. He had me pick it up to look for the brake pads and come back when found. My brake pads for just the front of my Rav4....were about $215. The good thing is, the mechanic put them on free of charge...GOD IS GOOD!

4) PRAISE, that my Visa was approved even though it was overdue to be finalized from original application date (it was put in to soon by the one who was helping me and should have been re started again by Malawi's laws). All I need now, is it stamped in my passport in a few weeks time when they request it. This is a BIG relief! This could have turned out bad and VERY costly to start over again...thanks for your PRAYERS!

5) PRAISE, that after 3 different days, 3 lines of waiting and 3 fuel stations (only 6 hours total though), I was able to fill my car with a full tank of gas to get home and have some to get around for a bit.


1) Please PRAY as I settle back into this heat and the challenging living style. Many issues came up while I was would be expected. Pray that I will handle each and every one of them with wisdom and respond in ways that will glorify God.
As for the 1st day here in my hot Liwonde home, I didn't do so well. I tried to stay low key but was cleaning all day and not going out into the sun. I still got nauseous and light headed a few times...despite the huge water intake and rest I gave myself mid day. The big city was no problem...just warm to hot....but here it is hotter and more humid. This was a big adjustment from the snow we had the day that I left Oregon and the cool weather we had most of the time I was there.

2) Please PRAY as I am having withdrawals from being with my grand daughter. This was once again very hard to leave her...especially since we were able to bond this time. I am thankful for the occasional skype...but it is so costly...that it has to be rare occasions as well as when it is working for my area of low internet quality. It is a blessing to have the technology nowadays...not sure how I could handle snail mail only, being so close to my kids!

3) PRAY that the rest of my boxes that were shipped, will make it here. Some of the boxes made it here before me....this is a huge PRAISE I have never received boxes this fast (average 3 to 6 months)... 1 month is unheard of! Thanks for your PRAYERS in this as well!

4) Please PRAY for my friends and family that I have left, that they will know and feel my love with them always and the God will provide for them and fill any void they feel while I am away. ✟

5) Please PRAY as I join back with the committee from the 6 villages. That we may be able to pick up from where we left off in our relationships and go forward with the healing garden and other projects.
I am currently trying to unpack everything that I packed away for storage, unpack my belongings and ministry stuff I brought back from the States and bring this house back to life...many critters set up home here while I was you can imagine. I took 2 days of just cleaning up the mess....YUCK! Once I settle the dust and dig out the ministry projects, I will be back in gear for teaching, learning, and growing!


Serving Him with Joy and Thanksgiving!

Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in
Malawi as I work on Community Health and Development projects,

please send your tax deductible donation to..


P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752

*(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo)*

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P.O.Box 72
Liwonde, Malawi
Southeast Africa
This is my personal post office box if you want to send anything.

011-265-99-374-0812 or 011-265-88-176-7938
If you ever want to text me words of encouragement.

**P.S. Please remember to reply to me at
and not my daughter to whom sends this. Thanks!**

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



I was able to attend the Water Technology courses at Equip the 1st 3 weeks of October in North Carolina (thank you supporters) and then to Montana to visit with my sister for a week. I am now back in Oregon and it feels GREAT to be here!


I have many Praises from this past month!

1) Praise for the safe travels I had back to and across the States, for lots of learning at Equip that I hope to use in Malawi/Missions in the future, and a good time with my sister and her husband.

2) Praise for the great reunion of my family...and the blessing of being able to spend time with them (including my beautiful grand daughter) while I am here!

3) For the many blessing I received in NC. I was taken care of by a couple that picked me up from the airport, took me into their home between courses and spoiled me many times over (thank you Brown's)! I was also taken to a massage therapist to get a couple kinks out that were very painful, before classes started (very physical classes), and she gave me 1 and 1/2 hours of her time with many special treatments. Afterwards, she gifted me the appointment. God is GREAT! She even gave me $20 for a pedicure! (*_*) WOW!
I also had some great times with some of my Equip staff friends...what great blessings!

4) Praise for my younger German friend in Malawi (Maxi), that I let take my car to use while I am in the States (last minute decision)...she was gifted 4 new tires from a foundation that she works with, that were put on my car...can you say...God is FAITHFUL and cares for us! Those tires were really getting unsafe!


1) Please pray that I will have good connections with my supporters to share what their dollars and prayers have done in Malawi. There is so much to share!

2) Pray for the many decisions I need to make concerning future events. That I will have clear direction for what I need to do and when. My son is to be married soon...but after I leave....not sure how I can attend soon after I head back to Malawi (desired wedding date June 30th and I leave March 1st).
Also, to how long of a term the Lord wants me back in Malawi...I'm not getting a clear time of if it should be longer term or just another year or two and then move on to a new area. Thanks

3) Please pray for my TEP VISA approval that I will need to continue to serve in Malawi. It has been submitted, and should be ok, but things are ever changing there. It is being handled by the Pastor that has given me the "letter of invitation" into the country (this is required) in the past and now.

4) The current raise of fuel costs in Malawi will likely stir up more demonstrations and high inflation rates. The cost of gas is now at about $8.75 per gallon and black market at over $16 per gallon (many have to get it this way to continue their businesses and/or transportation). Tension has been high there and lives lost. There has been a request for the current president to step down. He has made many bad decisions that have been taking the country backwards and losing funding/burning bridges from other countries.
The oppression is great and many are suffering because of his's painful to watch! Please pray for peace and that they seek good counsel to their problems to help the people versus their pockets.

IF YOU WANT TO REACH ME WHILE I AM HERE...if you have questions and/or want me to share what God has been doing through me in Malawi, PLEASE EMAIL ME @
OR CALL ME @ 1-360-608-0090

Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in Malawi as I work on Community Health projects and/or for the Water Technology courses I have taken (I still owe a few hundred dollars), please send your tax deductible donation to...

EQUIP INC. 828-738-3891

(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo)

P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752

**You can also donate on-line** @ click "donations"
then “network for good”


1) My safe return to the states and to NC for the Water Technology courses. It's been good for adjustment time too.
2) For the many that have helped me to attend these Water Tech courses and meet other financial needs.
3) That last months prayer requests were answered...sinus infection gone before flying, patience and good attitude towards the challenging locals the last weeks before leaving Malawi, country demonstrations were more peaceful this last time, had a couple more supporters towards the Water Tech courses (still needing $690 to pay off). Thanks for your prayers and help in this!!!
1) That the committee will care for our healing garden well while I am away & that the walls will remain standing against the storms & animals.
2) That I will get all info possible out of these Water Tech courses that I can & be able to retain and reproduce it!
3) That the secondary school students in our project will do well and make good use of their time in school.
4) That I will have safe journey's back to Montana and Oregon at the end of this month!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS! Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in Malawi as I work on Community Health projects or for in the States on the Water Technology courses to learn how to help the people here get water, please send you tax deductible donation to ...
EQUIP INC. 828-738-3891
(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo) and send to

P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752



1) That God has been moving people to join this team of supporters...PTL! Some have joined to help me get to the water courses, others have helped me get back to the States, while others have given support towards the student scholarship fund...8 students will get to go to school this year because of this. What GREAT blessings for all!

2) "God's Healing Garden" has most of it's plants and trees in and the committee has been taking ownership of it as they see the value of these healing plants as I have been teaching them.

3) That I was able to get my full airfare and will be on my way back to the States September 28th and going to all 3 water tech courses in North Carolina for 3 weeks and then a visit to my sister in Montana before landing in Oregon Nov. 1.


1) That the next demonstration against the government due on Sept 17th, will be peaceful and without harm to others. Also that their voices will be heard and change in government will take place.

2) That others that have felt led to support me in the water technology courses will send now to pay off the remaining balance (about $800). Equip has left this open, so it's not to late to help. (*_*) THANKS!

3) That I would not show my frustrations and disappointments towards the local people even though they are the cause of it. I need endurance and extra patience these last days before going back to the States. So many issues and irritations, but I want to reflect Christ in my actions and to glorify the Lord and not put a shadow over His name. PLEASE PRAY!

4) Please pray for safe travels back to the States and for health! I have had a sinus infection for way to long and would love to not travel with this. Please pray for complete healing before I get on the planes and the long transition back. The dry months, constant burning of garbage, fields and mountain fires, hot weather and huge winds stir up all the pollutants and our bodies can only take so many of us are sick with upper respiratory issues.


Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in Malawi as I work on Community Health projects or for in the States on the Water Technology courses to learn how to help the people here get water, please send you tax deductible donation to ...

EQUIP INC. 828-738-3891

(Tammy Tice OR #020060 in memo) and send to

P.O. Box 1126 Marion NC 28752


God's Healing Garden is going forward!



1) The Healing Garden is moving forward at a better pace with more committee participation! Most plants that are in are surviving so far, except for a few attacked by termites (white ants as they say...big problem here).

2) My electric and water issues are back to the norm...just missing service here and there as usual versus all the bigger issues I was having last month. PTL!

3) That God has continued to raise up more partners in this adventure He has us on! We are heading in the right direction...I also received enough School Scholarship funds last month that will help 5 students go to Secondary School (high school...which is not free for the student in this country) this next school season. This is VERY exciting! God is good! I also received some support towards the Malaria program. Little by little it is coming together. Thank you!


1) That God would raise up a team of supporters to send me to the Water Technology courses at Equip this Fall. To be able to learn how to drill wells, about water pumps and repair as well as how do build and use water filtration systems and more, would be of great benefit here in Malawi!
In the villages I serve (about 7), there is an average of 1 water pump bore hole for about every 160 people. Many have to go long distances to get this water. Just last week, there were 2 pumps that stopped working and already there are 4 pumps not working in these areas.
Local water is not readily available for our garden. I bring bottles and containers full each time I go to the village garden and others haul a container on their heads or bike from a long distance. The need to have water access there is great!

Time is short and the need to confirm attendance as well as get my airline tickets to head back to the States is NOW. If you feel led to help me get to these classes, please send your donation to the address below @ Equip (on line takes a month or so for the 1st one to process, so not a good option for this event). If you would like to let them at Equip know it is on its way so we can plan, please call them at the number below. Kathe is our finance person there keeping tabs on ths for me. Thanks!

2) That everything I need to do before I head back to the States, will get done in a timely manner and I will not leave out anything of importance. Preparations to leave a home and security staff running while I'm away is new to me. Also to set up those students that will blessed with the scholarship funds.

3) That the political tension in this country will be resolved and no more lives be lost due to bad governmental actions. About 20 people (including a 13 year old) lost their lives last month due to Police shootings when there were demonstrations. Many others injured or abused.
There were riots because of the brutality that happened in the peaceful demonstrations that the government had approved then changed their minds the day of the events. The current president/government is making extremely poor choices that have caused many problems here.
There are more demonstrations planned this month. Please join me in prayer as these people are being terribly oppressed and are finally speaking up. Change needs to happen within the government...but not at the loss of lives.
I get warnings from our US Embassy in Malawi when these demonstrations are to happen. We are told to stay away from certain areas and often have to stay in for days at a time. Please also pray for my safety! My area doesn't seem to be an area of concern, but other areas I travel have been. Thanks!

4) That I would not lose my focus on why I am serve our awesome God and share Christ's love to the oppressed, poor, orphaned and widowed. That I remember to spend time with Him daily above all and not get to busy!

Please pray and if you feel led to help support what God is doing in

Malawi as I work on Community Health issues and projects, Please send

your tax-deductible donation to.

Equip Inc. 828-738-3891

(Tammy Tice or #020060 in memo) and send to

P.O. Box 1126, Marion, NC 28752




1) This past months visit with Larry and Robbie was such a blessing to me and my ministry partner Ken! We had some very touching moments and share times.

2) That all those bites on my upper body I got last month were only itchy/unattractive and nothing else became of them! PTL!

3) That the visit to the Village with Robbie, Larry, Ken and I was an exciting day full of many surprises. The Committee, students and Teachers for the after school program had prepared and presented songs, skits, talents in English by some kids and sharing about what they have been learning and how the see the benefits. ALL of the chiefs from 6 villages were present all morning...WOW.....that was a BIG surprise to have them share their day like that for us.

4) Last month I asked for prayer, for God to raise up an "army" of supporters. Please keep praying. God has added a couple of new soldiers/supporters (thank you!) to our team and we are praying for an army to raise the support needed for the work we are doing here. I am so thankful for my supporters and those who have remained with me throughout this whole adventure...serving such an awesome God!


1) That I would finish this term strong and make solid, good connections with the committee and villagers before leaving for home assignment for a few months. That they would get a good understanding that I am not "leaving" them, but just going to be gone for a while.

2) That the part of the committee that has been involved in the Healing Garden, will take it on fully before I head back to the states so it will be well cared for.

3) That I would "keep my cool" under pressure. I have had many challenges this past week and tested constantly. After arriving home from the city where I had to have some rear-end problems fixed on my car and get a battery, I came home to broken plumbing that made the workers turn off my water ( one issue is that the day worker should have told me (text) so I could get the part in the it is no where to be found in my area), electrical wiring issues from the "electrician" that caused 1 switch to turn off and on lights at the same time (4 on 1 off or 1 on 4 Another one he wired, would be half on when turned off and fully on when turned on. Another light has 2 switches next to each other that turned it on.....etc....and then I had to let my night watchman go do to problems that he was causing (continual stress). I could type another paragraph of issues and problems this past week, but I think you get the idea.....I NEED PRAYER to keep my cool and not get angry verbally at the guys when they cause such havoc! I would never yell...but they see a firm voice as out of control and loosing ones I have to keep a quiet soft voice (IT IS HARD!).

4) That my friendship/relationship with my ministry partner Ken is always honoring God and setting a good example for others as they watch us. We are good friends and love and care about each other greatly. God has given us each other to serve Him in amazing ways here..and we want to keep it that way!

5) That there would be supporters that feel led to send me to the water technology courses (well drilling, pump repair and water filtration) at Equip this October. I need to plan my airfare soon and need to know the date of which I will be coming back to the States and to where (East coast or West).

Thanks for your prayers and support!!! Once again they are greatly appreciated!